Hello world, welcome!

Welcome to my new website! Here you’re going to access contents about all the issues that captures my interest and in which i spend many hours studying and reflecting: education, philosophy, natural law, history, lenguages, communication, social organization, political economy, ideologies, religions and spirituality and much more…

Majority of the articles i’ll be dealing with in this website will be my own commentaries about others material, my thinking and even my  iniciatives coming out from my daily life as a humanist violin teacher to a wonderfoul group of students from 5 to 65 years old from many different nations in Paris, France.

Don’t hesitate to leave comments in the articles, maybe questions or of course information you consider may help the quality of the content i present you.

I’ll try my best to keep this website translated into spanish, slovak and serb, my lenguages (maybe even in french… who knows).

See you soon with the first article!

Marko Karlo Vlahovič

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